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Steps to Apply

Please note that it is first come first serve, the deadline is April 30th, but spots are limited.

1) Download and print Applications

2) Fill in applications

     - if you need help filling in applications

3) Mail, deliver, fax in applications.  (location depends on where you live).  No later than April 30th.


     Bold Eagle: Canadian Forces Recruiting Ctr

     140-1783 Hamilton St,

     Regina, SK

     S4P 2B4

     Fax: 1-306-780-3629

4) get supporting documents, Birth Certificate, One of: Status Card, License, Provincial Health Card.

     - Do not wait for these, send in your application as soon as you have it filled out, then send in PHOTOCOPIES only.

     - note that you will have to take originals in to your interviews.

5) Once the application is received by the recruiting office and reviewed (1-2 week wait) you will get a call or email; If you dont get contacted call and ask "what is the status of my application?  Can I book my interview, medical and physical test?"

     - Where you call will depend on where you live.

     Saskatchewan - Phone:(306) 780-6550

6) You will get booked for Medical, Interview, Physical Test.


7) Once accepted you will be given a location and time and instructions.  If at any time you have questions about these instructions call the number they gave or the recruiting centre you applied at.

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