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Bold Eagle




What is required to apply for the program?



Download and print out the 4 applications. How do fill them out?  Watch the tutorial.


Physical Testing

The Basic Military Qualification is challenging.  Positive attitude is a must!


Medical Testing / Interview

There is a Medical Test and an interview in the recruiting process.

Therapy Sessions
Culture Camp
  • Traditional Aboriginal ceremonies

  • Traditional music

  • Workshops and Circles in Traditional values

  • Oral history

  • Aboriginal rights and responsibilities

  • Traditional family/kinship relations

  • Male/female conduct and ethical relations

  • On site Elder counsellors available throughout the duration of Bold Eagle

Bold Eagle History

The Bold Eagle Program began in Saskatchewan in 1989 as a local initiative between the Prince Albert Tribal Council (now the Prince Albert Grand Council) and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Good luck on your Application

Deadline is April 30th, but do not wait till the last minute.

The Bold Eagle program changed me to be a better person that's for sure in life.  Things are going good lately.

Bold Eagle Graduate

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